June 2022 Board Minutes

6-18-22 LIPTA Executive Committee Minutes

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Matt Cooper, Tania Entwistle, Terese Keogh, Justin King, Bill Leacock, Diana
Nigro, Harry Stuckey, Gillian Winters

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rich Slesinski will join us in the Executive Board.

● Will take place at Tania’s from 3pm to 6 pm and clean up until 7pm.
● She is smoking pork shoulder.
● Bill Leacock is bringing meat from Costco, as well as name tags and markers.
● People tend to bring low-quality food so Bill Lynch is changing the invite to state that food will be
provided and that people should only bring their beverage.
● Diana will bring a fruit salad, a Ready Whip can and Blue Bunny Vanilla Ice Cream from John’s farm, as
well as 6-10 copies of the Regents exam and some answer booklets.

Food: Tania
Possible speakers:
● Eric Mazur is not available this fall.
● Chair at Stonybrook: Physics of Sports
● Rich Slesinski (Too often)
● Karim Gangji (Hold off until we ask Stonybrook Chair): Changing the Culture for the Love of Learning
● Keith Shappard: History
● Fluids
● Nearpod
● Cooperative Learning Activity on Waves, Energy or Electricity. Teachers would do a fast version of
activity and be given materials to make their own. Justin can present with Slesinski’s help and Rich
Gearns’ guidance.
Possible Dates:
● Sept 17
● Oct 15 (Teslamania?)
● Oct 22 (Leacock cruise)
● Oct 29 (Too close to Halloween?)
● Bad dates: Sep 24 (Roshashannah), Oct 8 (Columbus Day), Nov 5 (Stanys)

● Smithtown is not available anymore.
● Farmingdale may not know their spring schedule yet. We prefer Gleason over Lipton Hall.
● Stonybrook: Not too far.
● Cradle of Aviation: Diana will ask if an outside organization can come in and how much they would
charge. Also, does it matter if we are a profit or non-profit organization.

● None in August
● Sept 17: Terese
● Oct 15: Slesinski?
● Nov 19: Gillian
● Dec 10: Tania
● None in January (1/26 – Science Olympiads)
● Feb 11: Leacock
● Mar 25: Justin (3/16 – Physics Olympics)
● None in April
● None in May (5/9 AP2, 5/11 AP1, 5/12 APC, 5/24 AP Review (Not many came-too much going on?
too late in the day?, ask people at BBQ for preferred dates/times)
● June 17: Harry (6/22 – Physics Regents am)

● Phenomena: Diana Nigro & Justin King?
● Fluids: Karen’s(?) Pedagogy
● History of Neutrino: If not in fall
● Fluids: Crackle(?)

It is easier to obtain nonprofit status when you are a corporation, so we applied to become a corporation and
the check has been cashed.
Leacock, Tania and Gillian will meet again when more information is available. They will share a lovely meal.

● WordPress antiquated
● Maybe Toni will help us. We will ask him at the BBQ
● Gillian and Justin will maintain the website.
● Get accounts, passwords and lists from Bill Lynch.

Justin King

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