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  • World of Physics Lecture (Stony Brook University)

    Title: Imaging the Dynamics of Electrons in Quantum Materials
    Lecturer: Prof. Thomas K. Allison


    The dynamics of electrons in molecules and materials underly many fascinating phenomena and important technologies. However, our ability to image these dynamics has previously been quite limited due to the extremely small length and time scales involved. I will describe recent breakthroughs in my laboratory at Stony Brook that enable the dynamic imaging of electron dynamics at surfaces and interfaces using a new technique called time-resolved momentum microscopy. This realizes a longstanding goal of the field of ultrafast spectroscopy to record “movies” of electron motion with femtosecond time resolution and Angstrom spatial resolution. A wide range of samples can now be put under the microscope (literally), from surface-adsorbed molecules to single layers of atoms!


    Department of Physics and Astronomy
    Stony Brook University
    7:30 pm
    ESS Building, Room 001
    Friday, March 10, 2023

    Download the full abstract: World of Physics (3-10-2023)

  • October 2022 Board Minutes

    10-15-22 LIPTA Executive Committee Minutes

    BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Tania Entwistle, Terese Keogh, Justin King, Bill Leacock, Diana Nigro, Rich Slesinski, Harry Stuckey, Gillian Winters

    • Diana to send postcards
      • Membership list from Lynch
      • Info about membership and events
    • Fall Conference
      • Rich G, Justin, w/ Rich S presenting Physics Cooperative Jigsaw
        • Energy
        • Usable by teachers immediately
      • Chang Kee Jung
        • Physics of Sports
        • SBU Lab techs to set up equipment to play with – Rich Lefferts, Bent Nielson
          • $50 Amazon gift card honorarium
        • Advertise possibility of presenting Physics of Sports at QuarkNet?
      • Flyer has been created, emailed Oct 1
        • Email again Oct 26 – Lynch
      • Registration deadline is Nov. 1 – otherwise pay at the door
        • Update website to state registration is closed, walk-ins welcome – pay at the door
      • Bill Lynch will prepare list of members (alpha), and list of registrants (alpha)
      • Harry to run check-in and walk-in payment
      • Photos – everyone will contribute
        • Diana to be main photographer for Jigsaw
        • Justin to be main photographer for Physics of Sports
      • Exit ticket to include question about scheduling of IB/AP Review
      • Rich Slesinski to reach out to his principal to advertise the conference to other principals on the island.
    • Physics Olympics
      • Committee met 10/14
      • Gillian to contact Farmingdale to confirm venue – Lupton Hall preferred
        • Gillian and Justin to visit 11/11
      • Justin to purchase buzzer system
      • Mention bussing issue in PO advertisement
      • Rulebook draft by 11/19
        • Rules printed by December?
          • Exec committee to help stuff envelopes
    • Spring Conference
      • Change date to April 29
      • Karyn Libretto to present NGSS Anchoring Phenomena
      • Harry Stuckey history of neutrinos
      • Rich Slesinski suggests mystery tube for future Make and Take
      • Host at Northport? – inquire with Karyn
    • LIPTA Shirts for Executive Committee?
      • Justin to send Leacock hi-res LIPTA logo
      • Leacock to look into shirt options
    • Tania looking for someone to attend AAPT Winter meeting
      • Rich Slesinski might be interested
      • Conversation about getting LIPTA more involved with national and/or regional AAPT 
  • Feedback on New Website

    As you explore the new website, please leave any feedback you have as a comment on this post. Thanks!

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