• E&M course this summer (6 credits)
    Download the Full Document PHY622: Learn how to teach E&M better at Buffalo State this summer. Would you like to improve your understanding of Electricity and Magnetism and improve yourstudents’ learning? Are you confident teaching the related yet distinct ideas of electric field,electric forces, electric potential, electric potential energy, EMF, voltage, capacitance,inductance, magnetic fields, magnetic forces, and current to your students? Would you like todevelop greater conceptual comfort with robust atomic level models more appropriate for HSand college introductory E & M learners than Ohm’s Law and water flowing through pipes?* PHY 622: The class will run 15 days July… Read more: E&M course this summer (6 credits)
  • Spring Conference 2023 Media
  • Need a Post-AP Physics Project?
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  • 2023 Fall Conference
    November 5, 2022 9am – 12 noon Location: TBD Presentations: Registration coming soon.