March 2022 Board Minutes

3-12-22 LIPTA Executive Committee Minutes
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Tania Entwistle; Justin King; Bill Leacock, Bill Lynch, Harry
Stuckey, Gillian Winters

PHYSICS OLYMPICS: There will be 10 teams participating. Lynch will change the ‘questions contact’
to Justin on future emails and move the PO info to the second page of the LIPTA web site. He will email
a reminder to participants to bring the photo release form for each student and remind the 5 people who
have not submitted the student names yet; he will get those to Diana ASAP so she can make the
certificates. Justin will make copies for the 10 teams, including photorelease copies and the rules for each
room. The cafeteria will be where the students will assemble and eat; we discussed the computer/screen
requirements for the awards ceremony, which Justin will emcee. Gillian has the (updated) trophies. Tania
will order the pizzas and bring the other items needed; she has already chosen a pizza place and
communicated with the owner. Leacock will bring his camera and he’ll set it up on a tripod to have Matt
take the team pictures. Gillian may ask her science department teachers to cover events and/or act as

SPRING CONFERENCE: At Syosset HS. Terese will make a .pdf flyer and get it to Lynch who will
email it to all members. Matt will handle the registration for the event. Lynch will provide a list of
current members by last name. Leacock will do nametags for the participants and the instructions for his
make-and-take. He will ask the exec board if he needs to make copies of materials. Tania will handle the
food. Lynch reported that we currently have 13 participants.

401 (C) (3) STATUS: Gillian, Leacock and Tania are working on it. Leacock has a lawyer friend who is
helping with the paperwork for incorporation (the first step). Lynch gave Gillian a paper copy of the
LIPTA constitution form 1989 to start with.

NEXT EXEC MEETING: Will be at Bill Leacock’s home in Blue Point on 4/2/2022.

–Bill Lynch, LIPTA Recording Secretary

Justin King

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