Past Conferences

LIPTA offers a conference in the spring and fall. Conferences last from 8:30 to 12. Each participant will receive a certificate at the end of the conference documenting the professional hour received.

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29 people attended the LIPTA Spring 2020 Conference at Massapequa HS Presentations were:

* BNL Physicist Paul Stankus gave us an overview of cosmology – The Big Picture: Cosmology in the 21st century.

* Make-n-take -Justin King – Slow Roller Apparatus The slow roller apparatus consists of a 3D printed disk and ring that roll down a set of electrical conduit tracks with a small, uniform acceleration. This apparatus can be used to conduct demonstrations and perform laboratory investigations related to uniform accelerated motion and rotational motion, and to practice for the Slow Roller event of the Physics Olympics. 

* The 3-D printer files to print your own are HERE.