World of Physics Lecture (Stony Brook University)

Title: Imaging the Dynamics of Electrons in Quantum Materials
Lecturer: Prof. Thomas K. Allison


The dynamics of electrons in molecules and materials underly many fascinating phenomena and important technologies. However, our ability to image these dynamics has previously been quite limited due to the extremely small length and time scales involved. I will describe recent breakthroughs in my laboratory at Stony Brook that enable the dynamic imaging of electron dynamics at surfaces and interfaces using a new technique called time-resolved momentum microscopy. This realizes a longstanding goal of the field of ultrafast spectroscopy to record “movies” of electron motion with femtosecond time resolution and Angstrom spatial resolution. A wide range of samples can now be put under the microscope (literally), from surface-adsorbed molecules to single layers of atoms!


Department of Physics and Astronomy
Stony Brook University
7:30 pm
ESS Building, Room 001
Friday, March 10, 2023

Download the full abstract: World of Physics (3-10-2023)

Justin King

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