October 2022 Board Minutes

10-15-22 LIPTA Executive Committee Minutes

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Tania Entwistle, Terese Keogh, Justin King, Bill Leacock, Diana Nigro, Rich Slesinski, Harry Stuckey, Gillian Winters

  • Diana to send postcards
    • Membership list from Lynch
    • Info about membership and events
  • Fall Conference
    • Rich G, Justin, w/ Rich S presenting Physics Cooperative Jigsaw
      • Energy
      • Usable by teachers immediately
    • Chang Kee Jung
      • Physics of Sports
      • SBU Lab techs to set up equipment to play with – Rich Lefferts, Bent Nielson
        • $50 Amazon gift card honorarium
      • Advertise possibility of presenting Physics of Sports at QuarkNet?
    • Flyer has been created, emailed Oct 1
      • Email again Oct 26 – Lynch
    • Registration deadline is Nov. 1 – otherwise pay at the door
      • Update website to state registration is closed, walk-ins welcome – pay at the door
    • Bill Lynch will prepare list of members (alpha), and list of registrants (alpha)
    • Harry to run check-in and walk-in payment
    • Photos – everyone will contribute
      • Diana to be main photographer for Jigsaw
      • Justin to be main photographer for Physics of Sports
    • Exit ticket to include question about scheduling of IB/AP Review
    • Rich Slesinski to reach out to his principal to advertise the conference to other principals on the island.
  • Physics Olympics
    • Committee met 10/14
    • Gillian to contact Farmingdale to confirm venue – Lupton Hall preferred
      • Gillian and Justin to visit 11/11
    • Justin to purchase buzzer system
    • Mention bussing issue in PO advertisement
    • Rulebook draft by 11/19
      • Rules printed by December?
        • Exec committee to help stuff envelopes
  • Spring Conference
    • Change date to April 29
    • Karyn Libretto to present NGSS Anchoring Phenomena
    • Harry Stuckey history of neutrinos
    • Rich Slesinski suggests mystery tube for future Make and Take
    • Host at Northport? – inquire with Karyn
  • LIPTA Shirts for Executive Committee?
    • Justin to send Leacock hi-res LIPTA logo
    • Leacock to look into shirt options
  • Tania looking for someone to attend AAPT Winter meeting
    • Rich Slesinski might be interested
    • Conversation about getting LIPTA more involved with national and/or regional AAPT 

Justin King

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