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Friday, March 23, 2018 - Physics Olympics

Saturday, April 14, 2018 - LIPTA Spring Conference

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LIPTA will provide you with a 3 hour CTLE certificate for attending our Spring Conference on 4-14-2018 at Mepham HS

SUNYSB will provide attendance certification for each of the lectures attended during the Fall 2017 semester. NYS teachers who wish to receive CTLE credit for any of these lectures must register HERE  You must register for each lecture you attend and sign-in at the lecture. The Graduate School will send a CTLE certificate about six weeks after each lecture.  

PHYSICS LECTURE at SUNYSB Friday 12-8-17, 7:30 PM ESS 001 Vladimir N. Litvinenko "Particle accelerators are everywhere; in your car, your kitchen, your medicine–Just name it" Particle accelerators were invented to better understand the universe and to pursue fundamental research, but they found a way of improving our lives in unprecedented ways by creating products and procedures with unparalleled capabilities. It does not matter what we touch or use – both physically and virtually – it has a momentous imprint of particle accelerators. In this lecture we will look into the fascinating world of particle accelerators, their applications and the way they are transforming our lives.

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