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The Long Island Physics Teachers Association is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping improve physics teaching in Nassau and Suffolk counties.  We always need people to help us with events and programs - consider volunteering to help us.  You are welcome to come to one of the Executive Committee meetings which are open to all LIPTA members.  The form below will send an email to all of the current Executive Committee members and one of us will get back to you ASAP.  Our snailmail address is at the right.


Please do NOT contact us regarding tutoring or job postings/needs - we cannot make recommendations in either of these areas.  There is a NY State listserv for physics teachers called Ophun-L; information about subscribing is HERE

 (New subscribers should keep in mind that joining a listserv means that you will be receiving ALL of these messages as they are posted. Please be prepared for an increase in the volume of email that you receive when joining a listserv.)

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