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Virtual Physics Teacher Conference: - Saturday March 27. Time: 9:00-12:00.  1st weekend of Easter break week (March 29-April 2). Easter is April 4. Free for current LIPTA members. 3 hours CTLE credit, if you attend the entire conference!  3 sessions, each with breakout groups. The number of openings is limited to 50 participants.

9:00 - Welcome from LIPTA President Ed McDaniels and introduce 1st breakout topic: What kind of teaching model does your school have? What is working for you?

9:50 - break

10:00 - Matt Cooper from Mepham High School introduces 2nd breakout topic: What have we learned from this year that we can use in a “normal” year?

10:50 - break

11:00 - Justin King from Commack High School introduces 3rd breakout topic: Are this year’s students at a disadvantage, and what can we do bring next year’s students up to normal standards?

11:50 - regroup

12:00 - adjourn


Spring 2021 LIPTA Newsletter - The newsletter link was emailed to all current LIPTA members on 3-2-2021.  If you didn't get it, email <membership@lipta.org> and we will email you back with your current LIPTA status.

2021 Physics Olympics

Out of a concern for the health and safety of our teachers and their students, the Executive Board of LIPTA has decided to cancel the annual Physics Olympics for the 2020-2021 school year. Hopefully, it can resume next year when all participants can be safe. Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Teaching Physics during a Pandemic

This Zoom conference was held on Monday 8/17/20; we had 54 attendees.All current LIPTA members were emailed the links and documents generated during the conference.


Spring 2020 LIPTA conference pix are HERE

3-D printer files to make your own slow rollers are HERE

 Physics Teacher Events & News



CTLE credit


NYS teachers who wish to receive CTLE credit for any of the SUNYSB lectures must register HERE:

You must register for each lecture you attend. The Graduate School will send a CTLE certificate about six weeks after each lecture.



Lectures at SUNYSB are listed below. After completing the registration form you will receive an email with a link to the Open Night meeting and instructions on how to connect to the meeting online. Note that the SUNYSB response system is not automatic and it may take up to a few days for the email to arrive in your inbox. Your information provided in the registration form will not be shared outside of the administrators of the Open Night program.


Fri, 7:30PM

VIRTUAL ASTRONOMY LECTURE AT SUNYSB:  Alan Calder  “An Update on the Search for Life in the Universe”  The question of life elsewhere in the Universe has long fascinated us. While there are many reports on UFOs and aliens, there is no accepted evidence of life existing anywhere other than on the Earth. Contemporary studies apply the scientific method to address this question. This study encompasses many traditional disciplines including Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, and Geology, and has been dubbed the field of "Astrobiology."

In the next Astronomy Open Night, Prof. Alan Calder will discuss the scientific search for life in the Universe. He will give an overview of life on Earth and explain how our understanding of life on Earth teaches us about habitability and guides the search. He will describe the tools used in the search and the most likely places to find life in our Solar System and beyond. REGISTER


Fri, 7:30PM

VIRTUAL PHYSICS LECTURE AT SUNYSB: Laszlo Mihaly  “The Physics of Ice and Snow”  This year’s winter was the coldest in several years, and we had great opportunities to enjoy (and suffer from) snow and ice. First, we will review the basic properties of snow and ice. We will explore questions like why is ice slippery? Why is it floating on water and what would happen if it did not? How do ice crystals grow? Is it possible to find two identical snowflakes? What are the “sun dogs” and how arethey related to snow? Why do we hear a cracking noise when we walk on the snow? We will also discuss the two principal types of avalanches, the ice flow in the glaciers and the importance of the snow mass on the Antarctic continent.  REGISTER



Fri, 7:30PM

VIRTUAL GEOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB: Donald Weidner  “Studying the Earth’s interior with synchrotron X-rays”  The deep Earth is revealed by measuring the speed of sound waves created by earthquakes. In order to decipher the chemical and physical state of any particular region of the Earth’s interior, we must know the sound speeds in candidate Earth materials at the conditions of pressure and temperature that exist in the region of interest. Synchrotrons become the corner stone of studying materials at these extreme condition because they can penetrate portions of the pressurizing system and give us direct information about the sample properties. As an example, we will look in detail at the experimental approach to measure the compressibility of partially molten rocks at seismic frequencies and deep Earth conditions. 



Sat, 9-12 AM

Virtual Physics Teacher Conference: (see above)


Physics Demos by John Johnston


Distance Learning RealTime Physics IOLab Mechanics active learning lab curriculum available free


Home Adapted Interactive Lecture Demonstrations


LIPTA FALL 2018 CONFERENCE is now over, BUT you can still get the 'resistor boards'.  Sold in groups of 10 for $100, delivered to your school. Send a PO to the address in the box above.  OR, you can buy them yourself: Send a personal check to the address in the box above

3 /14/18

Stephen Hawking dies at age 76 - read some of his QUOTES; his appearances in Star Trek TNG, the Pink Floyd album 'The Division Bell', the Simpsons, the Metropolitan Opera piece, 'The Prologue', the Big Bang Theory and the movie 'The Theory of Everything' are HERE


Leon Lederman dies at age 96 (1988 Nobel Prize in physics)


Murray Gell-Mann dies at age 89 (1969 Nobel Prize in physics)


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