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November 16, 2019 Fall Conf.





Arrival, Registration & Continental Breakfast


Opening Remarks


Introduction to NYSSLS assessment  




Make-and-take; inverse square law demonstrator




Saturday, 11/16/2019 8:30AM-noon at Mepham HS, North Bellmore, NY.

LIPTA will provide you with a 3 hour CTLE certificate for attending our Fall Conference

$10 for LIPTA members; $20 includes the make-and-take (inverse square law demonstrator)

$25 for expired or non-members (includes 1 year LIPTA membership); $35 with the make-and-take

BIG CHANGE THIS YEAR - NO WALK-INS! Mepham security requires that we provide them with a list of attendees IN ADVANCE.  If you are not on the list, you will NOT be admitted into the HS. Deadline for registration will be Thursday, 11/14/2019 at midnight.



* Introduction to NYSSLS Assessment: NYSSLS-based assessments are coming soon and we need to start preparing ourselves. At this workshop we will review some NGSS-based assessments and learn how to use the 3D Assessment Screening Tool developed by Paul Andersen to evaluate existing assessments and to create assessments of our own. 

* Make-and-take. Materials will be provided if you sign up and pay the extra $10. Come to LIPTA’s fall conference and make you own inverse squared model. Many of us have tiny models in their classroom that can’t be seen beyond the second row of students or don’t have one at all. The model you will build is almost 2 meters long and 1 meter on each side! It can be disassembled to take up the same space as a small set of meter sticks. This model is a great way to help students see how gravity, the electric field from a charged particle, or light from a point source follows the inverse squared rule.

* We still have resistor boards available from the Fall 2018 conference At $10 each, they are a good deal, considering the parts would cost $30 on Amazon.  If you want a class set, please let us know in advance (use the 'comments' box when you register), so we can gather the parts. Each board comes with a 4.7, 10, 15, 22, 33, and 51-ohm resistor, all rated at 10 watts, with the lower values across a metal plate to act as a heat sink and protect the wood base.  Pix of an assembled resistor board is HERE

 Physics Teacher Events & News




Physics Demos by John Johnston


LIPTA FALL 2018 CONFERENCE is now over, BUT you can still get the 'resistor boards'.  Sold in groups of 10 for $100, delivered to your school. Send a PO to the address in the box above.  OR, you can buy them yourself: Send a personal check to the address in the box above



SUNYSB will provide attendance certification for each of the lectures attended during the Fall 2019 semester. NYS teachers who wish to receive CTLE credit for any of these lectures must register HERE  You must register for each lecture you attend and sign-in at the lecture. The Graduate School will send a CTLE certificate about six weeks after each lecture.  You can get 3 CTLE credits for attending the LIPTA fall conference.

Fri 11/15

BIOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB  ESS 001; 7:30PM, Carl Safina, “What Animals Think and Feel”, Ever ask, “Does my dog really love me?” Consciousness, self-awareness, empathy, non-verbal communication, imitation, teaching, grief—. Carl Safina shows, scientifically, that in some surprising ways many non-human minds are rather similar to ours. They know who their friends are. They know who their enemies are. They seek status. Their lives may follow the arc of a career. Relationships define them, as relationships define us. Carl Safina worked with researchers who’ve spent decades studying particular families of wild elephants, wolves, and killer whales. He got to know these free-living creatures as individuals, along with their children and grandchildren. Safina explores up-to-date brain studies showing new discoveries about the similarities in our consciousness, self-awareness, empathy, nonverbal communication, and the capacity for grief among non-human beings. We are not the measure of all things, and we are not alone in the world. Is understanding these things enough? Do we humans possess the consciousness, self-awareness, and empathy to simply let other animals continue to exist? Safina will show us why, not just metaphorically but also scientifically, Life is a true miracle.  

Fri 11/22

GEOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB  ESS 001; 7:30PM, John Parise, “The stone age did not end because of a lack of stones:Materials production as a reflection of economic power”, It’s right there in the constitution: “To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.” Societies rise and fall based on their intellectual capital, and their economic well-being depends on their mastery of earth materials. The development and utility of modern materials still depends on, sometimes rare, materials we obtain from the Earth. This talk will present examples where basic research into the benefaction of Earth materials led to transformative economic gains, such as the electrochemical extraction of aluminum metal. In the 1800s aluminum was more valuable than gold. It is now $0.68 a pound. The cold embrittlement of tin buttons during Napoleon’s Russia campaign provides a counter-example; the unintended consequences of a breakthrough in technology, and the worst wardrobe malfunction in military history. To meet the challenges of a new age, where energy production and electrical grid stabilization will be key challenges, the Earth abundance of certain elements will determine the finite number of materials we can use to meet these challenges.  

3 /14/18

Stephen Hawking dies at age 76 - read some of his QUOTES; his appearances in Star Trek TNG, the Pink Floyd album 'The Division Bell', the Simpsons, the Metropolitan Opera piece, 'The Prologue', the Big Bang Theory and the movie 'The Theory of Everything' are HERE


Leon Lederman dies at age 96 (1988 Nobel Prize in physics)


Murray Gell-Mann dies at age 89 (1969 Nobel Prize in physics)


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