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HS Physics Day at Adventureland

Tues., October 25, 2016 - park opens at 9AM

LIPTA Fall Conference at Manhasset HS

Saturday, October 22, 2016 8:30 AM - 12 noon





Oct. 25

HS Physics Day at Adventureland on Route 110 in Farmingdale - starts at 9AM


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Directions to Adventureland


Map of Adventureland


Sample Book for Adventureland







Arrival at Manhasset HS, Check-in




Suggestions for teaching AP-2


Richard Terwilliger - "Terwilliger’s Physics collection of physics material"  Richard will show some of his five hundred and forty Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files that were created, tested and revised over a 20-year period.  A complete set of his files will be available for purchase. Richard says: "This resource is a dream come true for the beginning physics teacher and a refreshing new collection of material for the veteran."


Kip Rosser - has been called “one of the top ten theremin players in the world.” He will employ music, storytelling, physics, history and performance art in his presentation. If you’ve never heard of the theremin, words fall short of describing this grandfather of all electronic instruments - the only instrument in world that’s played without being touched. Don’t miss this unique program and the chance to try the theremin for yourself.  

$12 for current LIPTA members. Look at your mailing label on the snailmailed newsletter for your expiration date.

 $27 for non-members & expired members; includes 1 yr. membership.  

(Options also available for 2 yr and 4 yr LIPTA membership)

Directions to Manhasset HS

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TEACHER IN SERVICE CREDITS If your school requires you to have a sequence of educational opportunities in order to receive in-service credit, SUNYSB will provide attendance certification for each of the lectures attended during the Fall 2016 semester.Contacts for attendance certification:

Physics: Lukasz Fidkowski <lukasz.fidkowski@stonybrook.edu>

Geology: Gilbert Hanson <gilbert.hanson@stonybrook.edu>

Astronomy: Michael Zingale <michael.zingale@stonybrook.edu>

Living World: Jeffrey Levinton <jeffrey.levinton@stonybrook.edu>  



PHYSICS LECTURE AT SUNYSB 7:30PM ESS001 Sriram Ganeshan  “How whole is more than the sum of its parts in Physics”  Indistinguishable nature of particles is one of the hallmarks of quantum physics. However, millions of such indistinguishable entities come together to yield distinct features that constitute the world we see around us. To motivate this discussion, Prof. Ganeshan would urge the audience to come up with everyday things that they think are indistinguishable! He would briefly outline how physicists attempt to understand the underlying principles of similar particles  



ASTRONOMY LECTURE AT SUNYSB 7:30PM ESS001   Alan Calder “NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter” NASA's Juno spacecraft was launched on August 5, 2011 and arrived at Jupiter on July 4, 2016. Its mission is to study the atmosphere of Jupiter to measure the composition, particularly the amount of water, and to observe Jupiter's magnetic and gravitational fields. The information from Juno will help us better understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter, which will also help us understand the formation of giant planets. In the talk, we will discuss the layout of the solar system and what we know about Jupiter, theories of planet formation, questions the Juno mission strives to answer and the latest results from Juno.  


6 Long Island Physics Teachers are now NYS Master Teachers!  

Richard Gearns, Sachem HS East

Justin King, Commack HS

Keith Lundquist, Huntington HS

Jaime Rogers, Walt Whitman HS

Richard Slesinski, Syosset HS

Gillian Winters, Smithtown East HS  


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Tesla Museum - Shoreham  $1.37 million dollars was raised from 33,254 contributors to buy Tesla's Wardencliffe laboratory in Shoreham and construct a museum there.

On Tesla's 158th birthday, Elon Musk pledged $1x10^6 for the effort to fully restore and operate the museum. (cnn article)


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