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LIPTA FALL CONFERENCE is now over, BUT you can still get the 'resistor boards'.  Send an email to <exec@lipta.org>

TESLAMANIA is this Saturday 10-20-18, 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM EDT

at Stony Brook University, Room 063, Life Sciences Building

NEW JERSEY SECTION REGIONAL MEETING at Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ, Fri eve. 11/16 & Sat. 11/17

Friday Evening: Dinner + Speaker, Poster sessions  $15.

Saturday: Presentations, Speakers, Demo show, & more.... $35

PTRA afternoon workshop Saturday. "Topics from Modern Physics:  Quantum Computing and Gravitational Waves", $30 additional

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Stephen Hawking dies at age 76 - read some of his QUOTES; his appearances in Star Trek TNG, the Pink Floyd album 'The Division Bell', the Simpsons, the Metropolitan Opera piece, 'The Prologue', the Big Bang Theory and the movie 'The Theory of Everything' are HERE



LIPTA will provide you with a 3 hour CTLE certificate for attending our Spring Conference on 4-6-2019

SUNYSB will provide attendance certification for each of the lectures attended during the Fall 2018 semester. NYS teachers who wish to receive CTLE credit for any of these lectures must register HERE  You must register for each lecture you attend and sign-in at the lecture. The Graduate School will send a CTLE certificate about six weeks after each lecture.  

Th 10/4/18

Leon Lederman dies at age 96 (1988 Nobel Prize in physics)

Fri 10/19

GEOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB  7:30PM ESS001, Hanna Nekvasil, “Magmatic gas and the Martian surface: What comes out of this gassy mix?”  Soil makes up the major part of the Martian surface. We would expect this soil to reflect the major igneous rock units as well as the secondary re-worked rock units observed on the surface. Yet the fine-grained material from this soil is quite different than expected. I will discuss here what role the youngest Martian lavas may have played in producing the unique compositional characteristics of the soil, by coupling experimental results and remote observations.

Sat 10/20

TESLAMANIA DEMO DERBY 2018  Physics Education Innovation Fair, Stony Brook University, Life Sciences Building, Room 039,  8:30AM to 3PM  Teslamania 2018 is a show of physics teachers' ideas, inventions and activities aimed at improving physics education, making physics interesting for students, and giving both new and experienced teachers ways to improve their craft.  $18 if you do a 15 minute presentation, $25 to register as a spectator. Coiffee and lunch are included with the registration fee.

Fri 10/26

PHYSICS LECTURE AT SUNYSB 7:30PM ESS001, George Sterman, “Imaging Fundamental Processes”  The contemporary theory of fundamental forces can be pictured as just a handful of particle species, acting among themselves according to a few simple rules. This theory can in principle account for the richness of the visible universe. It results from a centuries-long process of speculation and investigation, culminating in the language of quantum field theory. Yet every successful theoretical framework defines its own limitations, and suggests new questions and criteria. Looking back and ahead, I will give a perspective on our current theories, and on how future developments may be influenced by evolving ideas in theoretical physics, by high energy experiments at accelerators, and by exquisite observations of the faintest cosmic signals.

Fri eve & Sat 11/16 & 17

NEW JERSEY SECTION REGIONAL MEETING at Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ

Friday Evening: Dinner + Speaker, Poster sessions  $15   

Saturday: Presentations, Speakers, Demo show, & more...TBA. $35,  

PTRA afternoon workshop Saturday   


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