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2015 LIPTA Spring Conference

Saturday, April 25, 2015, 8:30AM-Noon,  at Manhasset HS, 200 Memorial Pl., Manhasset, NY 11030






Arrival, Registration, Continental Breakfast




Dan Fullerton - Irondequoit HS, Rochester, NY.   Dan is the author of the website www.aplusphysics.com

"10 Things That Everybody Should Know About Making Their Own Website"





Your registration fee gets you the parts for a "greater than 'g'" acceleration apparatus.  You get to assemble it during this time.

$12 until 4-19-15 for current LIPTA members. Look at your mailing label on the snailmailed Winter 2015 newsletter for your expiration date.

 $27 for non-members & expired members; includes 1 yr. membership.

(Options also available for 2 yr and 4 yr LIPTA membership)

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 Physics Teacher Events & News




NEWS FLASH!  LIPTA member (and Master Teacher) Gillian Winters wins the 2015 Paul W. Zitzewitz  Excellence in Pre-College Teaching Award


TEACHER IN SERVICE CREDITS FROM SUNYSB:  "If your school requires you to have a sequence of educational opportunities in order to receive in-service credit, please advise them that during the Spring 2015 semester we (SUNYSB) will provide attendance certification for each of the lectures attended.  Please call (631) 632-8200 for more information."  

Fri 3/27

7:30 PM

New Location - Simons Center Auditorium

Physics Lecture at SUNYSB  Dr. Dmitri Averin, Department of Physics and Astronomy, SUNYSB  “Computation-inspired physics: from Maxwell's demon to relativistic quantum mechanics”  Advanced models of computation: reversible, and its descendant, quantum computation, have served as motivation for several fundamental discoveries in physics, a prime example being the resolution of the Maxwell's demon paradox based on the Landauer principle. The talk will provide a basic description of the established physics and more recent developments in this area using the superconducting structures as the main example.  

Mon 3/30

4:30PM Staller Ctr, Main Stage

Physics Lecture at SUNYSB "Searching for Simplicity: A Physicist's Quest for Theories of Mind and Brain"  William Bialek, John Archibald Wheeler/Battelle Professor in Physics, Princeton University and Director, Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences


Fri. 4/3



Astronomy Lecture at SUNYSB  Dr. Neelima Sehgal, Physics and Astronomy Department, SUNYSB  “Illuminating Dark Matter, Neutrinos, and Inflation using the Oldest Light in the Universe”  I will discuss how the oldest light in the Universe, the cosmic microwave background radiation, can

unravel the secrets of dark matter and the masses of the elusive neutrino particles. I will also discuss

how this light, which is collected using a microwave telescope in the Atacama desert in Chile, is being used to tell us information about the first fraction of a second after the Big Bang.  

Fri. 4/10



Physics Lecture at SUNYSB   Dr. Konstantin K. Likharev, Physics and Astronomy Department, SUNYSB  “Merging Neuro and Nano"  I will review recent attempts at a dramatic advance of artificial neuromorphic networks using hybrid CMOS/nanoelectronic circuits. Recent estimates show that such networks which may provide unparalleled performance for some important information processing tasks, and in future may become the first hardware basis for challenging the mammal cerebral cortex in both density and speed, at manageable power consumption.  

Fri. 4/17



Geology Lecture at SUNYSB  Dr. John B. Parise, Department of Geosciences, SUNYSB  "Why where the atoms are, and why that matters” -The properties of solids and liquids, depend critically on how atoms are arranged. Studies that answer the question "where are the atoms?" allow us to understand, predict and modify the physical and chemical properties of materials.  Studies that allow us to study how the atomic arrangements change when we change environmental conditions, are especially valuable for interpreting physical measurements we make on materials we measure at the Earth and planetary surfaces, and those materials we presume exist in the Earth and planetary interiors.. Over 20 Nobel Prizes related to the endeavor of finding "where the atoms are" in materials as diverse as DNA and the minerals that make up rocks are testimony to the enduring power and importance crystallography.  We’ll explore how crystallographic information is obtained at some of the world's most powerful x-ray sources, under operating conditions, and how this information is used.

Sat. 4/18


LIPTA Exec Committee Meeting, location in Massapequa

Fri. 4/24



Biology Lecture at SUNYSB    SBU Earthstock Week Plenary Lecture: to be announced.

Sat. 4/25


LIPTA Spring Conference


6 Long Island Physics Teachers are now NYS Master Teachers!  

Richard Gearns, Sachem HS East

Justin King, Commack HS

Keith Lundquist, Huntington HS

Jaime Rogers, Walt Whitman HS

Richard Slesinski, Syosset HS

Gillian Winters, Smithtown East HS  


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Tesla Museum - Shoreham  $1.37 million dollars was raised from 33,254 contributors to buy Tesla's Wardencliffe laboratory in Shoreham and construct a museum there.

On Tesla's 158th birthday, Elon Musk pledged $1x10^6 for the effort to fully restore and operate the museum. (cnn article)


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