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LIPTA plans for the 2021-2022 school year.

We hope to have in-person meetings and events this year.

Take a look at the preliminary list of physics teacher events below.

 Physics Teacher Events & News



Fri 10/1

SUNYSB ASTRONOMY LECTURE - virtual: 7:30PM  Will Farr "Ringing Black Hole Bells and Other Exciting Recent Results in Gravitational Wave Astronomy" In the past few years, the exciting new field of gravitational wave astronomy has delivered many ""firsts."" The first detection of gravitational waves---from a pair of black holes merging---in 2015; the first detection of gravitational waves from a merging pair of neutron stars---an event which also produced electromagnetic emission that was ultimately observed in various ways by ~30% of the global astronomical community---in 2017; the first detection of multiple gravitational wave ""spectral lines"" from a ""ringing"" black hole announced in 2019; and a number of ""oddities"" in 2020, including unusually massive black hole and neutron star mergers and a merger with one object larger than expected for a neutron star but smaller than expected for a black hole. 2020 also saw the first announcement of detections of a ""mixed"" merger between a neutron star and a black hole. I will discuss some of these exciting results in detail and explain the bright future of this fast-moving new field.

Sat 11/13

LIPTA FALL CONFERENCE - 8:30AM - noon; current lineup:

* Short discussion of teaching during Covid and lessons learned for this year and beyond.

* Thomas Weinacht - "Light, color and vision: how we see and interpret the world around us".

* A short classroom-friendly make-and-take

Wed 3/16

2022 PHYSICS OLYMPICS Farmingdale State University

Sat 4/22

LIPTA SPRING CONFERENCE - 8:30AM - noon;  location TBD

Wed 5/25



Tues 6/28

LIPTA BBQ  3-7PM: Blue Point




Physics Demos by John Johnston


Distance Learning RealTime Physics IOLab Mechanics active learning lab curriculum available free


Home Adapted Interactive Lecture Demonstrations

3 /14/18

Stephen Hawking dies at age 76 - read some of his QUOTES; his appearances in Star Trek TNG, the Pink Floyd album 'The Division Bell', the Simpsons, the Metropolitan Opera piece, 'The Prologue', the Big Bang Theory and the movie 'The Theory of Everything' are HERE


Leon Lederman dies at age 96 (1988 Nobel Prize in physics)


Murray Gell-Mann dies at age 89 (1969 Nobel Prize in physics)


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