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March 17, 2017 Physics Olympics

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 Physics Teacher Events & News




TEACHER IN SERVICE CREDITS If your school requires you to have a sequence of educational opportunities in order to receive in-service credit, SUNYSB will provide attendance certification for each of the lectures attended during the Spring 2017 semester.

Contacts for attendance certification:

Physics: Lukasz Fidkowski <lukasz.fidkowski@stonybrook.edu>

Geology: Gilbert Hanson <gilbert.hanson@stonybrook.edu>

Astronomy: Michael Zingale <michael.zingale@stonybrook.edu>

Living World: Jeffrey Levinton <jeffrey.levinton@stonybrook.edu>  

Wed 1/18

ANS MEETING & DINNER SPEAKER  Dr. Christina Swinson, Accelerator Test Facility, Brookhaven National Laboratory "Riding the Plasma Wave into the Future of Particle Acceleration"  Pollo Rico Latin Bistro, 2435 Middle Country Rd., Centereach, 6PM cash bar, 7PM dinner ($20), 8PM speaker; RSVP via voicemail to (631) 344-2606  

Fri 1/27

ASTRONOMY LECTURE AT SUNYSB  7:30PM  ESS001  Marilena LoVerde, “A History of Structure in the Universe”  From tiny fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background to the filamentary distribution of galaxies seen today, maps of the cosmos reveal a dynamic universe that is rich with structure. Dr. LoVerde will discuss the evolutionary history of the universe and the astrophysical data sets we use to learn about it. Although the evolution of the universe from seconds after the big bang until today is well-understood, puzzles remain. For instance, what generated the structure we see in the universe? To answer this question, we must consider what happened before the hot, dense "big bang" phase. Remarkably, signatures from this era may persist in the universe today. Dr. LoVerde will discuss what we hope to learn from near-term astrophysical observations.

Fri 2/3

GEOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB   7:30PM  ESS001  Troy Rasbury, "Gifts from below: Fluorine and fluorite in the western USA - a monitor of geothermal energy and ore forming fluids"

Fri 2/10

LIVING WORLD LECTURE AT SUNYSB  7:30PM  ESS001  Darwin Day Distinguished Lecture, Prof. Hopi Hoekstra, Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology at Harvard University  will speak on "What Darwin Didn't Know"

Fri 2/17

PHYSICS LECTURE AT SUNYSB  7:30PM ESS001   Xu Du: "Two Dimensional Atomic Crystals"  Two-dimensional atomic crystals, from graphene to various novel emerging systems such as layered transition metal dichalcogenides (MX2), hexagonal boron nitride, phosphorene, etc., have attracted great research interest in the past decade. At single- or few-atomic-layer thickness, these materials remain single crystalline under ambient conditions, making them ideal material systems for studying 2D mesoscopic physics. With controlling of thickness/dimensionality and lattice symmetry, their electronic structure may undergo significant transformation and hence new electrical, optical and magnetic properties can emerge, promising for novel device concepts and applications. In this talk Xu Du will give a general overview to the research on two dimensional atomic crystals, focusing on the lattice structure, mechanical and electrical properties of some of the typical materials. Xu Du will also discuss how 2D atomic crystals may be combined into heterostructures, which may host new physical phenomena and offer opportunities for novel device applications.   

Fri 2/24

GEOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB   7:30PM  ESS001  Deanne Rogers, "Interpreting the Geologic Record of Mars, From Orbit"

Fri 3/3


Fri 3/10

PHYSICS LECTURE AT SUNYSB  7:30PM ESS001    Navid Vafaei-Najafabadi 

Sat 3/11

EXEC COMMITTEE MEETING in Centereach, 9AM to noon.  All LIPTA members are invited to attend - please let us know that you are coming using the 'Contact Us' tab at the left side of this page

Fri 3/24

LIVING WORLD LECTURE AT SUNYSB  7:30PM  ESS001  Jeffrey Kassner, Long Island Maritime Museum, "Of Sailors and Oysters: History of Long Island Oysterfishers"

Fri 3/31

GEOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB   7:30PM  ESS001  John Parise,  "Inspirational Minerals"

Fri 4/7


Fri 4/14

PHYSICS LECTURE AT SUNYSB  7:30PM ESS001  Marilena LoVerde, 

Fri 4/21

LIVING WORLD LECTURE AT SUNYSB  Wang Center Theater, 7:30 P.M., SBU Earth Day Celebration Plenary Lecture, To Be Announced 

Fri 4/28

GEOLOGY LECTURE AT SUNYSB   7:30PM  ESS001 Daniel Davis, "Tectonics around the Solar System"

Fri 5/5

ASTRONOMY LECTURE AT SUNYSB  7:30PM  ESS001  Michael Zingale, "Computing the Stars"


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2017 Physics Olympics

Friday, March 17, 2017

 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Lupton Hall at Farmingdale State College

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